The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus

The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus is changing the way that the business of entertainment is conducted.  Going beyond multi-media entertainment create a seamless integration of artistry, entertainment and marketing The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus creates an experience unlike any other.  This is a high voltage, in your face rock and roll show that smashes the conventions of the traditional rock concert. The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus is an interactive experience featuring Lou Lombardi’s Strangelove, The Strangelove Starlets, Interactive Video and other non-traditional performances.  The Loudini Rock & Roll Circus also partners with charities and other business to create unprecedented “win wins” for all involved

Partners include:

The Pittsburgh Food Bank

Operation Troop Appreciation

Clique Vodka

Positively Pittsburgh Live

Screaming Brain Studios

Lou’s Guitar Lounge

Lombardi Autobody

and many others!


Join the Circus!

If you are a business or a charity and would like more information about how you can get involved in this VERY unique opportunity please contact Loudini at

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